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                    Full-Automatic Pipe Bending Machine

                    Full-Automatic Pipe Bending Machine

                    SLS Full-automatic pipe bending machine equipped with PLC or IPC which manage Bending (Y), Feeding (X) & Rotation (Z) in a complete automatic cycle.

                    Bending (Y-Axis): Controlled by Servomotor or by Hydraulic.

                    Feeding (X-Axis): Controlled by Servomotor.

                    Rotating (Z-Axis): Controlled by Servomotor.

                    We only use popular quality components in the production of our benders from such companies as JAPAN MIYSUBISHI,TAIWAN WEINVIEW,JAPAN YUKEN,JAPAN NEIMICOM,SKF AND ETC...

                    This value priced CNC Tube Bending Machine is an excellent choice for general purpose and any type of conventional tube bending applications.

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